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Gerrys "ALS ice challenge" (30.08.2014)


...and afterwards (Out-takes)...


We are THE swingers meeting place in the south of Gran Canaria.

Since May 2007, there is a Come Back Bar in the Cita.


The Come Back Bar is “THE” Swingers Meeting Point in the south of Gran Canaria, where you will find new couples and singles of all nationalities visiting us each day.
We´re an open bar, so you can chat, make small-talk and acquaint yourself with other like-minded couples under the motto




Because of this, there is always an opportunity to meet a wide variety of different friendly people, most of whom will be happy to socialise if approached. However, if you’re
a little shy, then don’t worry, as you can just sit around as you would in any ordinary bar
and just enjoy our happy and friendly atmosphere.


… and here we are:


So in case you don´t find us straightaway, we’ve tried to offer a few simple directions below, from the various entrances located around the CITA shopping centre.


From the entrance off the Av. de Francia, known as the classical or SOUTH entrance 
(with the “Eiffel Tower”/”Arc de Triomphe” on the facade)


Proceed into the south entrance for about 10 metres where you will find an
 elevator (marked “LIFT” on the plan above). Enter the lift,
press button 2 (ie: for the first floor) and on exiting,
turn to your right and you will find our bar about 10 metres down on your left. Alternatively, you could just use the staircase close
by (near the Sportsmen) and follow similar directions.


From the EAST entrance off the Av. de Alemania
(with the “Tower Bridge”/”Leaning Tower Pisa” on the facade)


Proceed into the east entrance; continue straight ahead and up the stairs onto the first floor (marked “KNEIPENSTR.” on plan above). Carry on straight ahead and you will find us just further down on the left; we’re just opposite the Café Marlene.

Now everybody should be able to find us, but if there are any problems,

just ask a member of the CITA centre security staff for directions.